The most powerful technology. Awarded by the Innovation Gallery. Made in Spain.

Code: MOD0500QS
Size: 35cm x 32cm x 41cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 14 kg



  • Tattoo removal
  • Micropigmentation removal
  • Removing sunspots and freckles
  • Removing skin marks
  • Skin rejuvenation (carbon peeling).


  • SAMSUNG Computer integrated intelligently controlling the system
  • ANDROID OperaWng System and JAVA languaje
  • Uses the most advanced technology on the market
  • Integrated wireless
  • License to use by shoot or by date (ideal Franchising and rentals)
  • Saves and memorizes treatments and patients
  • Remove the tattoo completely
  • Safe and low pain treatment
  • Awarded at the Innovation Gallery in SALON LOOK INTERNATIONAL in Madrid (Spain)
  • 10 shots by second


The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by the pigment. Pigment particles are broken in fragments. Parts are dismissed from the skin and some are spilled into tiny particles that are reabsorbed in turn by phagocytes, then removed through the system lymphatic.

Carbon Peeling is an advanced non-invasive and completely painless laser treatment that improves a wide variety of skin imperfections, without adverse effects or incapacitation and with inmediat results. In facial treatments, it is based on the combination of a special laser carbon cream with the application of a special laser carbon cream with the application of the powerful and versatile Smart Cube laser Q-Switched. The treatment exfoliates the skin, cleanses and closes the pores, reeduces the production of sebum and softens the texture of the rough and uneven skin. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and is particularly beneficial in patients with only skin, enlarged pores, blackheads, acne, dull skin and a rough and uneven texture.


  • Wavelenght 1064-532-1320 nm
  • Adjustable pointer size
  • Pulse duration 10-20ms
  • Energy 100 mj – 1000 mj
  • System of cooling: semi-conductor, airflow and water cycle
  • Parameter Display: touch screen 10″
  • Power line AC220v, 50Hz 10A
  • Security System: security key and stop bottom
  • Certifites: CE y ROHS
  • Accessories: professional safety gogglesand user safety goggles
  • Measures cm 32 wide x 35 deep x 41 hig
  • Weight 14kgs
  • Frequency 1-10 Hz, up to 10 shots by second
  • ND-YAG Power 500w
  • Power 1000W
  • Water unit
  • measures water unit in  cm 32 wide x 35 deep x 13 hight
  • Weight water unit 10kgs

Ask for ND-YAG



Wavelenght 1064-523-1320 nm
Energy 100-1000 mj
Power 500 W
Made in Spain

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