smart Magnum Laser Diode + IPL

Super Hair Removal

The most powerful technology.

Painless and fast treatment. E

Cold Temperature -6º – 0ºC

Code: MOD2000DL
Size: 35cm x 32cm x 100cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 59 kg



Hair removal.

Depending on the needs, we can use IPL 640-1200 nm, or Laser Diode with 808 nm, or the best combination of 3 wavelengths (755 nm, 808 nm y 1064nm). Is used archieving maximum efficiency in many cases and patients with the minimum of pain, because different depths and structures of the hari follicle can be worked simultaneously. Depending on each type of skin, is performed by setting the neceesary parameters for the proper destruction and lasting hair.

Skin rejuvenation

Using the possibility of low energy configuration, very good results are achieved for the rejuvenation of the skin.

Re-Age Stimulation System (on of a king)

Throug the configuration of light emission it makes possible the stimulation of collagen and elastin while not destroying it.

Vascular an stain treatment

Pulsing light shrinks skin spot and smail veins or varicose veins by vascular necrosis.


  • Maximum power, efficiency guaranteed.
  • Reduces treatment duration 50%
  • Possibility to choose and combine wavelenght in diode laser or user IPL
  • SAMSUNG Computer integrated intelligently controlling the system
  • ANDROID Operating System and JAVA language
  • Uses the most advanced technology on the market
  • Integrated wireless
  • License to use by shooting or by date (ideal Franchising and rentals)
  • Saves and memorizes patient treatments
  • Integrated cold compressor.
  • Hair removal quick and painless.



  • Type of Laser Diode LED
  • Wavelenght 808nm or combined 755 nm-808nm-1064nm (All in one)
  • Laser energy 1-170 Julios
  • Pulses duration 1-200 ms (max. 400)
  • Maximum frencuency  1 a 20 Hz to 20 shots per second
  • Laser source power 1500 W
  • Spot size  12mn x 20 mn


  • Wavelength 430 nm – 1200 nm
  • IPL Power 2000W
  • Power flow 10-50 joules / cm²
  • Pulse Duration 1 a 20 milliseconds
  • Spot sizes 15 mn x 50 mn
  • Interchangeable filters:
    • HR Hair Removal 640-120 nm
    • SR Skin Rejuvenation 560-1200 nm
    • VR Pigmentation 480 – 1200 nm
  • Optional filters:
    • Hair removal dark skin 750-1200 nm
    • Acne 430-1200 nm
    • Couperosis-vascular 590-1200 nm
  • Xenom Lamp
  • Single Pulse emission mode and pulse train to 20 (burst)


  • System of cooling: Semi-conductor, airglow an water cycle
  • Integrated cold compressor
  • Crystal Sapphire
  • Parameter Display Touch screen 10,4″ LCD
  • Input power 2000W
  • Power line AC220v ± 22v, 50-60Hz ± 1Hz
  • Security system: security key and stop botton
  • Certifites: CE y ROHS
  • Accessiries profesional safety goggles and user safety goggles.


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Modular Diode Laser - IPL
Certificates CE & ROHS
Power IPL 2000 W
Power Diode Laser 1500 W

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