Vascular and Stains

With smart elight cube and smart ipl cube using the pulsed light with the vascular filter, it manages to attenuate skin spots and small veins and varicose veins, through vascular necrosis.

A blood vessel is a tubular structure that conducts blood driven by the action of the heart. Blood vessels are classified, according to their caliber, into three types:


  • Arteries: are the vessels that have the thickest wall, formed by three layers. They are responsible for transporting arterial or oxygenated blood in the major circulation.
  • Veins: they have on their walls the same layers as the arteries, but much thinner. They are responsible for transporting blood from all organs and tissues to the heart, and from there to the lungs, where it will be renewed again thanks to the exchange of carbon dioxide that carries oxygen from the pulmonary alveoli (minor circulation). Therefore, this blood is called venous or carboxygenated blood.
  • Capillaries: they are the finest and their wall is formed by a single layer of endothelial cells. The capillaries communicate the branches of the arteries (arterioles) with the first branches that will give rise to the veins (venules).


This treatment uses a specific wavelength that is absorbed by the blood inside the blood vessel, raising its temperature (photocoagulation) and thus damaging the walls of said vessel (phototermolysis). The result is the disappearance of the blood duct.

In this treatment, only those blood vessels of smaller caliber will be worked, that is, capillaries, also called microvaricles, which may be located in different parts of the body: lower extremities, facial oval, neckline, etc.


The contraindications to consider are the following:

– Pregnancy and breastfeeding
– Skin diseases: open wounds or injuries, acute inflammations, infections, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.
– Feverish states.
– On areas that have micropigmentation and / or tattoos, since they can be destroyed or cause a dyschromia in the area.
– In this section, various diseases should be cited, on which no light treatments (IPL / L˘SER) should be performed under any circumstances: Crohn’s disease, cancer, epilepsy, lupus, AIDS, ulcus peptide. There are other types of diseases that, given their character, if they can be treated, although always under medical control and never with an outbreak or crisis. It is recommended, as professionals of integral aesthetics, to maintain, if necessary, fluid and natural communication with the medical specialist in question.
– Astringent treatments on the skin: roakutan, vitamin A, retinoic acid, etc.
– On patients who have ingested and / or applied (orally / topically) photosensitizing substances. Photosensitivity is a skin reaction caused by the combination of light and photosensitive substances. In this section are the drugs or medications.
– Oily tanned skin, either by sunlight, artificial tanning booths (UVA / UVB) or tanning activating cosmetic products (melanoidin from Dun).

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